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Gilliland Insurance Sponsors 7th Annual TPAC Golf Classic

TPAC Students at Putting Competition Conner Evans, Nancy King, Katie Hudgins, Hayden Silcox

TPAC Students at Putting Competition
Conner Evans, Nancy King, Katie Hudgins, Hayden Silcox

2013 Putting Champ Larry Hudgins

2013 Putting Champ Larry Hudgins

We enjoy this event every Spring. Turning Point at Calvary Students largest fund-raiser helps students with the financial needs of summer mission tours and camps. We enjoyed great weather, great golf, and a very successful fund-raising event. Thanks to World Golf’s renowned Slammer & Squire for hosting this event for over 80 Golfers and 30 Sponsors who collectively make a significant contribution to underwrite the financial needs of TPAC students. A special thanks to our clients who sponsored holes. Pictured is our hard working volunteers posing with Flo at the Putting Competition sponsored by Progressive Insurance. 2013 Winner goes to Larry Hudgins. Not sure how he ended up the day, but he sure impressed us with his putting skills. We hope you join with us next spring as we once again support the students at Turning Point.

Health Reform… a Political Hot Potato

Healthcare ReformLast year it was a political hot potato and no doubt, with an election on the horizon, it’ll grab a few headlines again, but in the meanwhile the controversial health reforms program, under the Affordable Care Act, continues to move forward in 2012.

Although many of the changes don’t take effect until 2014, it’s worth taking stock of current and upcoming changes in your entitlements. These include:

  • Young people up to age 26 can now remain on their parents’ health insurance. Some 2.5 million have so far opted to do so.
  • En route to closing the “donut hole” prescription coverage gap for Medicare recipients, seniors now qualify for a 50% discount on Part D brand-name drugs when they reach the gap.
  • The Independent Payment Advisory Board has been established and, from next year, will be able to intervene if Medicare costs rise too much.
  • States are now allowed to offer home-based services to disabled people through Medicaid instead of institutional care in nursing homes.
  • From the start of this year, new rules encourage physicians to set up “Accountable Care Organizations” by working together to improve the standards of care and reduce costs.
  • From March 1, federal health care programs have to collect racial, ethnic and language data about patients to identify inequality of treatment.
  • From October, health records will have to be stored electronically – with new rules in place to make sure they’re secure and confidential.
  • Also from October, hospitals will have to publicly report on performance for a range of treatments, and reveal comments from patients.

The official Government site has also launched an easy-to-use action page to help individuals identify which public, private and community programs meet their needs. Check it out at

Happy Valentines Day – Contest Results

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Valentines Tricks
It’s not just young lovers who send Valentines greetings at this time of year. Many people send parents, spouses, children and grandchildren cards and gifts as a cute way of expressing affection. Crooks know that too, using Valentines as a way of conning money out of their victims and even hijacking their computers. Make sure you don’t get caught up in this by watching out for these common tricks:

Phony eCard Greetings
You get an email either from a mystery sender or someone you know with a link to a supposed Valentines eCard, or with an eCard actually attached. By clicking on either, you download a virus onto your computer. Two simple actions can prevent this – having an up-to-date anti-virus program installed and, if you know the supposed sender, contacting them to make sure they really did send the greeting.

Bogus Flower Gifts
You order flowers from a new online company advertising incredibly low prices. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is and you’ll lose your money. Plus, the scammers now have your credit card number and may use it to make purchases in your name. Best to use a reputable online florist or go to a local store.

Online Romancing
Spoof emails arrive in our email boxes all the time but we might let our guard down when a message arrives from a mystery admirer around Valentines. It’s often a prelude to an online “romance” in which the victim receives photos of the attractive admirer ( which are really just pictures stolen by the con artist). The crime ends up with the victim being asked to provide money to pay for the admirer to come visit. Just don’t fall for this trick – never give money to people you don’t know. To learn more about the Latest E-Scams & Warnings

-Learn More- Newest e-Scams & Warnings

Now the bad stuff’s out of the way, it leaves us with the chance to wish you Happy Valentines! from Gilliland Insurance
Leave us your comments – let us know if this was helpful.

Citizens attempts to shrink, Gov. Scott applauds | The Florida Current


What’s happening to 17,000 policies to be taken over by state-backed insurer? :Citizens attempts to shrink, Gov. Scott applauds | The Florida Current. visit this article provided by Gray Rohrer, the Florida Current