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10 Ways To Prevent Vehicle Theft

Three cars are stolen every minute in the United States, while millions more are broken into, resulting in damage and the theft of valuable or precious items like cellphones, radios and just about anything the thief can sell.  In Florida, over 41,000 vehicles were reported stolen in 2010.   The result: loss, inconvenience and, sometimes, heartbreak.

While it’s virtually impossible to make a car impenetrable, you can substantially cut the risk of becoming a theft victim. Here are our Top 10 tips to deter thieves.

1. Always lock doors and close windows (other than leaving an air gap for pets) no matter how short a time you’re away from the vehicle. Even lock it on your driveway and in your garage.

2. Never leave keys in the ignition or the engine running once you get out – even if you’re parked right by and using an ATM.

3. Never leave anything, including low-value items and especially cash (even just a few coins) visible. Take them with you or lock them in the glove box or trunk, but be cautious – a thief might be watching. Better yet – don’t put valuables in your car unless you need them.

4. When parking, especially at night, select a spot that is busy, in clear view and, at night, well lit. Look for nearby security cameras.

5. Don’t have anything on your key ring that identifies your vehicle or your home address. Use a cellphone number or email address if you want a finder to contact you if the keys are lost.

6. Your car should be alarmed, and the alarm should always be armed when you’re not in it. Most modern car alarms have multiple settings for different purposes – so read the instruction book!

7. If you have a conventional radio (that is, one that is store-bought rather than built-in by the auto manufacturer), remove the knobs and even put some black insulating tape over parts of it. It won’t look nice – but that’s the whole idea!

8. Don’t use hidden key boxes under the vehicle or in the wheel arches. Thieves know where to look.

9. Consider having your Vehicle Identification Number etched on your windows and other car parts. That makes them hard to sell and the vehicle more difficult to disguise – thus less attractive to a thief.

10. In high risk areas, consider additional security, like steering wheel clamps or vehicle tracking equipment (though this can be expensive). One day, in the not-too-distance future, we’ll probably have wireless webcams on our dashboards – roll on that day!

Would you like fries with that?

We have all heard the familiar up sell at fast food counters, “would you like fries with that?”  Whether you intended to get fries or not, the real drive behind the question is revenue for the added item.  Today many companies are “bundling products” for competitive reasons and in most cases, the decision has great advantages to the consumer.    When it comes to personal insurance in Florida,  finding a company that bundles home and auto coverage in one policy is challenging.  With many of the larger insurers limiting capacity for homeowner insurance policies,  homeowners are forced to find coverage with carriers that may not offer auto insurance.   The advantage can be lower premiums, but the disadvantage can mean two different carriers protecting your Home and Auto.

For the family that still prefers One Company, One policy, and One contact, we at Gilliland Insurance Group have an option for you,  AAA Insurance. AAA Insurance offers the first and only combined home and auto insurance policy whose forms and rates have been approved by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.  Call us for a complimentary quote.

Service 24/7 – Mobile Insurance Apps

There seems to an App for just about everything, and searching the app store on your smartphone or tablet can at times be habit forming.   If you are into self-service, you may want to check out the many benefits found through mobile insurance apps.
Most major insurers are now offering a convenient 24/7 access to managing your auto insurance policy.

  • Quickly Access your Agent’s contact information
  • Make a Payment
  • Manage Policy Information
  • Request Roadside Assistance
  • Report a Claim
  • Request a Quote

To learn more about mobile apps with any of the carriers we represent, Give us a call  904-824-9877



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Reduce Your Auto Insurance Premium

Want to know how  to save up to 30% on your personal auto insurance?  If you drive less than 15,000 miles per year, avoid driving the wee hours in the morning (ie 12:00am to 4:00am), and drive with only an occasional hard braking – you should check into a great reward program available through Progressive Auto Insurance.   Think about it, you are a safe driver – why shouldn’t you receive a discount?   Our Snapshot trained staff is available to answer any questions you may have, and help you decide if this is the right program for you.  Give us call today 824-9877.

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