Not All Insurance Policies are the Same

It is never too late to review your home insurance program. Having the right policy is far more valuable than having the lowest premium. Often, the policy holder assumes more of the risks, in return for a slightly lower premium. We recommend, visiting your insurance agency annually to review and understand available coverages, endorsements, and deductibles.  You will be informed to make necessary changes that reflect your personal risk characteristics. Not all policies are the same, and your needs may change. Don’t delay, schedule this today.  Your Agency should welcome you.

Take advantage of the many competitive coverages being offered including:
Private Flood Coverage
Special Personal Property Coverage
Ordinance and Law Higher Limits
Increased Mold/Fungi Limits
Equipment Breakdown Coverage
Personal Injury
Identity Theft
Service Line Coverage
Hurricane Deductibles as low as $500

Call us for a friendly review of your policy or to discus many of these latest coverages and how they apply to you.  It is a smart way to start the New Year.

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