It’s almost Here…Spring


Springtime CleaningIt’s almost here! Spring, that is. Don’t forget to put your clock forward by an hour on March 11. That should set your mind ticking about the new season. Here are a few ideas to start with:

Outdoors: Check sprinkler systems for winter damage; remove plants that failed to make it; clean and sharpen tools (wear gloves and follow safety procedures); plan your spring time seed sowing; clean and dry bird feeders and nesting boxes, look for cracked or missing caulking around windows.

Indoors: Check for mold and excessive moisture – remove and clean; get rid of overwintering household pests with approved products and insect “bombs”; clean window screens; draw up a spring cleaning plan – one room at a time.  Check out Martha’s Stewart’s Cleaning Checklist (a printable version)

Safety:  Remember that Daylight Savings Time means darker mornings at first. If you or your children are up and out early, take extra safety precautions.


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