Watch out! They are everywhere…

Potholes are a major driving hazard that can jar your body, damage your car, and create costly repairs. If only they were easier to spot!
Following a few simple precautions will cut the risk of becoming a victim. For instance:

  • Drive more cautiously in low visibility and where roads are clearly in a poor state of repair.
  • Choose well-lit roads and routes you know well.
  • Look ahead for patches that are darker than the road surface.
  • Slow down and Avoid standing water that is isolated on the road.

Many cities and newspapers now publish lists of dangerous potholes and some list them online or on mobile phone apps. Check yours. And if you hit a pothole, don’t brake – you might cause more damage.  If you notice a dangerous pothole you can report it. 

Call Public Works at 904.825.1040 (For City potholes)
Call Road & Bridge at (904) 209-0246 (For County potholes)

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