Discount Dental…Something to smile about.

An unstable economy; An Unemployment rate we haven’t seen since Nov 1983 – two of many factors contributing to companies taking a second look at employee benefits.  If you are in group health care, you may not be as concerned as the individual, self-employed, and unemployed when it comes to health and dental insurance.  Discount Dental Cards are a great solution to providing immediate discounts for individual or family dental needs.

One customer at our agency, received news from their dentist that their son had 7 cavities. Wow! 27% of his teeth.  Normal cost for the fillings totaled over $1200.  Fortunately, they applied their discount dental card and the procedures were completed for about $430.  Another customer had a single crown completed for $616. Normal cost would have been $1221.00.  Consider the following example for 32086 Area:

Although Dental Insurance has many advantages, A competitive alternative to the high cost insurance can be found through Discount Dental Plans.  Don’t let the care of your teeth, be compromised. Check out Discount Dental Today.   Visit our resource page DISCOUNT DENTAL for more information, or call us at 904-824-9877 to learn more.

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