Time to Check Your Coverage

New Year is the time we take a cool, hard look at our lives, usually with a view to making improvements. So, you don’t need a better excuse to also review your insurance coverage to make sure it meets your needs going forward through 2012. The most common issue we encounter are changing values and changing circumstances. So, with that in mind, here are four aspects you should be thinking about:

Homeowners/Renters Insurance: The value of your property most likely has gone down, but rebuilding costs have gone up in some cases. What about contents? As the years go by, so the amount and value of our possessions increase. And isn’t this a good time to take an inventory of those possessions, in case you ever need to make a claim?
Life Insurance:
If you’ve taken on new financial commitments or your family has grown, so has your need for adequate life insurance coverage. Don’t forget, you can get policies that cover you for just a specific period and don’t cost a fortune.

Long Term Care: The cost of specialist care, at home or in Residential facilities, if you become incapacitated, has skyrocketed during the past few years. Might now be a prudent time to consider long term care insurance?

Special Needs:  Without getting embroiled in the debate about climate change, there’s no doubt that the risk of natural disaster –  be it floods, storms, tsunamis or earthquakes – threaten all of us at some time. These risks are not normally covered in your homeowners or renters insurance.  Just Give us Call 904-824-9877 or Stop By 2575 US Hwy 1 South St Augustine 32084

Insurance is all about protection for yourself, your property and your family. None of us can predict the future but insurance can make it easier to deal with. We’d be happy to help you do just that.

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